Thank you for participating in the FlyOver Tech Fest!! We've put together this quick speaker guide to answer any of your questions. But, we realize we may not have thought through them all - if you have a question that is not answered below please reach out to

👉 Pete Jones - [email protected] -


👉 Isidora (Izzy) Prohaska - i[email protected]

✈️ Your access to your speaker dashboard has already been sent to you in a email. If you have not clicked in that email, set up your password, and logged into the system, you can change your bio, headshot, etc., in this dashboard. (We can resend the Login email if you cannot find it, contact us if you need it.)

🔥 Slack Speaker Community - Access the community HERE on or before Oct 1st, please add the speaker community to your Slack environment. In this community, you will be able to directly communicate with us day-of behind the scenes. 🔥

🔥 DMWL Facebook Group - Much of the conversation during the day will be held in our Facebook Group and on Twitter. We'd love it if you would join the conversation before and after your session.

⏰ 30 Minutes Before Your Session

We'd greatly appreciate it if you would share on all of your social channels 30 minutes before your session, allowing your followers one last chance to sign up to hear you speak. You should have received a social copy and an image from us in an email to use. Below is an example of the copy you could use

Tune in at [speaking time] to catch me talk about [topic] at the #FlyOverTechFest. If you haven't registered book your place now

⏰ 10 Minutes Before Your Session